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Healthcare is the Sustainable Development Goal-3 of the United Nations. Therefore, healthcare is a principal sector for ICREA, through which it focuses on providing and increasing affordable healthcare infrastructure in developing countries.

The landscape of the healthcare sector is steadily evolving. It is unique in its dynamics, population, growing-returning diaspora, genetics, government spending, policies & framework, trained workforce availability, patient-doctor ratio, and public sector facilities.

The growth drivers in the healthcare sector are the rising population, growing penetration levels of primary, secondary, and tertiary healthcare facilities, increased insurance requirements, expanded government spending and initiatives, evolving regulatory and market framework, and expansionary trends like digital healthcare solutions, telemedicine, and AI. The impact of medical tourism on the healthcare sector is substantial as well. For example, only Nigerians spend USD 1 billion annually on medical tourism.

Our Approach

We follow a diagnostic, structured, and process-driven approach. We understand and define our client’s need, and provide research-based solutions for their problems. Our partners lead three levels of each process. We concentrate granularly on the education sectors. This approach guarantees that we delve deeper into the sector, making us niche providers of sharper and effective service with every passing day. Our creative, out of the box thinking helps us in our risk analysis strategy. We imbibe our core values and attitude of gratitude into every solution that we render.


In this sector, there are wide gaps across countries due to the unavailability of healthcare and its infrastructure. There is a dire need for huge investments, greater participation of the private sector, extensive specialities, powerful joint ventures, alliances, and partnerships.

Healthcare is driven heavily by public hospitals in Africa, whereas India has a blend of highly developed private and public healthcare.

Europe is mainly public-sector foccused.

The Middle East has a mixture of public and private institutions

In most emerging countries, there is an urgent necessity for the participation of the private sector in healthcare.

Products and Services

ICREA’s specialist team focuses on delivering value by creating and converting opportunities, realizing growth, generating returns, and also overcoming challenges for healthcare operators, investors, landowners. We offer local, regional, national, international expertise in our corridor of 50+ plus countries in the UAE, GCC, Middle East, Africa, and Indian sub-continent, with a focus on privately owned enterprises in the healthcare sector. For public sector hospitals and government, ICREA’s focus is the refurbishment of hospitals and the introduction of technology-based MedTech platforms to increase penetration and availability of sustainable healthcare. Some unique solutions we offer include hospital-in-hospital, and modular containerized affordable hospitals, with nine months turnaround time.

Furthermore, ICREA has built a broad network of operating healthcare providers, landowners, investors, local banks, Development Financial Institutions (DFI), and impact funds across India, UAE, GCC, Middle East, Thailand, Germany, UK, and the USA.

Healthcare is an insurance-driven, infrastructure, knowledge, technology, and investment intensive business. There are five major components: healthcare operating companies, real estate (land, building), finance, specialities, and technology.

ICREA tailor-makes solutions at the greenfield, brownfield, or operating business stage through our five pillars approach. Our solutions range from OpCo and PropCo to sale and leaseback, M&A, divestiture, debt capital, equity capital, joint ventures, alliances and partnerships, strategic and technical consulting, MedTech, research, market studies and feasibilities, specialized advisory, strategic advisory, and more for the healthcare sector.

Our Relationship Base

We work with healthcare investors and operators across geographies, and our technical expertise equips all stakeholders in the healthcare sector. We have developed numerous relationships with operators, funds, investors, developers, local business houses, and banks, that has enhanced our market and sector knowledge and intelligence.
We work both on the investor and operator side, carrying out inbound and outbound projects and transactions.
Our team will help create an environment that integrates all your needs and achieve high-quality results.

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Execution competence in project country

Our strategic collaborations with different companies and service providers ensure that we cater to your customised requirements and execute projects successfully.

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Some of our clients
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