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Partner Network

At ICREA, our partners have travelled extensively over the last 20 years, building unique networks and partnerships across the globe. Our goal is to add value to the world and achieve value creation for our stakeholders, clients, collaborators, associates, introducers and team. We encourage create partnerships and collaborations across various levels, functions, businesses, organisations, countries and individuals.

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Competence through extensive business travel
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Partner Network: Associate Reps
Associate Representatives

An Associate Representative is an expert professional or a company in their field in the home country, educate clients about services that ICREA provides and do the origination. They also play an important role within ICREA at the time of executing a transaction locally. They assist in risk assessment, due diligence, funding, and liaising, thereby helping in the execution of transactions smoothly.

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Partner Network: Branch Partner
Branch Partners

ICREA’s depth and capability enhancement is further realised through its strategic branches. Our branch partners are local representatives that cater to the needs our clients, rolling out location-specific solutions and services.

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since 2019

Mr Sharad is currently working with one of the largest PE Funds in the Middle East and is involved in PE transactions for almost 16 years in addition to research experience in cement, pharmaceutical, telecom and infrastructure for over 10 years with some of the best known brokerage houses in India. He was rated as star analyst for 2004 by one of the leading business magazines in India.

In his current role, Mr Sharad is managing a NAV in excess of USD 75 million as on 30th June 2021. During last 16 years, he has evaluated over 250 opportunities and made over 35 investments. He has exited 2 investments in India and 20 in the Middle-East (including Turkey).

Sharad Jain

Branch Partner,


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since 2016

Minakshi is a talented and motivated entrepreneur. She has started series of businesses in early stages of working life. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in commerce from Nagpur university of India. She had successfully launched a garment retailing business in India. The business which was a family owned trading establishment has evolved into a successful firm. She transformed the business with her creativity, acute fashion sense combined with smart business skills. She is the Director of Nimai Management Consultants in Qatar & is the Branch Partner of ICREA in Qatar.

Minakshi Migliani

Branch Partner,


For any inquiries,

please email

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since 2020

Madhav is a founding partner and has over two decades of experience in private practice across transactional and commercial work, banking and securitisation, conveyance and property law, corporate governance, M&A, real estate and project finance. He is recognised as a leading real estate lawyer in Kenya by Chambers and Partners.
He holds a LL.B (Hons) from the University of Birmingham and os a licensed Notary Public. He also serves on the boards of several leading companies and of various local trusts, charities and foundations as part of his Corporate Governance advisory role.

Madhav Bhalla

Branch Partner,


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since 2022

Mehboob Chowdhury has been pioneering the telecommunication industry for more than 20 years in various Senior Management and strategic positions. He is the first Bangladeshi CEO of the telecommunication industry of the country. He led Grameenphone from 1998 and established the company as the number one operator having 85% market share. He has been involved in planning, developing and implementing telecommunications for the emerging mass market as a tool to change common people’s lives. He was Chairman of the Asia Pacific GSM Association from July 2005 – June 2007. He is also the chairperson of the South Asia Mobile Forum.

He has proven time and again a success trail of implementing new and innovative ideas for Sales, Marketing, Distribution and Customer satisfaction. He emphasizes in ethical practices.

Mehboob Chowdhury

Associate Director,



since 2023

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Suresh Subbu Parmeshwaran is a thought leader in sustainability, renowned for his expertise and extensive experience. His diverse portfolio includes setting up factories, implementing process automation, and managing multiple fashion products across global manufacturing centers.


Passionate about sustainability and collaborating with industry experts, he actively strives to mitigate the adverse impacts of overconsumption and shares his insights through heartfelt writings. Suresh's unwavering commitment and wealth of knowledge and expertise have established him as a respected thought leader, driving positive change and promoting environmental consciousness in the manufacturing industry.


Suresh Subbu Parmeshwaran

Thought Leader

Upcoming Branches
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Partner Network: Partner Companies
Partner Companies
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