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ICREA provides specialised financial debt and equity consulting to clients for tieing up capital,  with a detailed debt analysis, cash flow and liquidity enhancement structure and various options that can help you optimise your debt and equity, grow and transform your business.

Collaborative Solutions: Services

Cash Flow and Liquidity Enhancement

ICREA assists companies with cash crunch to free up the cash by recaliberating the cash flows and bringing down direct & indirect costs incurred by the company resulting in better operating margins. ICREA due to its deep operational expertise is able to suggest practical measures to improve cash flow and liquidity.

Cash Flow and Liquid

Equity Capital Raising Advisory (including Private Equity)

We advise corporates and family-owned companies in education, healthcare, real estate, hospitality, hypermarkets and e-commerce sectors  on raising capital from long-term investors, for mostly unlisted minority and majority transactions in both the domestic market as well as internationally.  These are usually growing companies needs  to raise capital via equity.  Companies raise capital via equity route as they do not want borrow debt  or not big enough and ready go to capital market for IPO.  Raising equity capital is usually done with the objective for growth, unlocking investment or to  finance expansion. Our professional experienced team with large network of qualified  investors help our clients in:

• Identifying which investors to target

• Accessing investors and promoting the equity story

• Conducting perception studies, to understand investor alignment and support

• Optimising of equity story messaging


ICREA's private equity capital advisory focuses on education, healthcare, real estate sectors. ICREA has the network, relationships, expertise, competence and capabilities in these sectors with coverage domestically and internationally .
We have built trusted relationships with private equity investors and portfolio companies. This is ideal for corporate and management teams wanting to invest in or take control of their organisations, and private equity houses looking for the right investment for their funds. Corporate firms  are looking to get funding by PE firms through the equity route as growth capital to grow their businesses.
ICREA's  team provides advice and execution expertise on private equity transactions. On the buy side, we project manage the entire buy side process that involves review and advise on the valuation, deal structure and diligence results, structured coordination of communications between the advisers of both parties (buyer and the seller), the management of the seller, and undertake commercial review of deal documents. On the sell side, the ICREA team leverages on its strong international network of investors to carefully select the right buyers for the invested assets of the private equity houses.
ICREA's network & relationships with Private Equity Firms and investors and also with operating corporate firms in over 30 plus countries.

Equity Capital Raising

Debt Capital Raising Advisory

Almost all the sectors ICREA operates in inevitably require raising debt for financing, refinancing or fresh financing and ICREA can help clients in need of this reach and expertise.

Debt Capital

Financing Working Capital

Recent times have caused bottlenecks in businesses which has caused companies to resort to working capital financing. This is generally short term financing and the objective of it is to overcome the operational cash crunch. It is important to look at innovative flexible cost effective solutions for working capital financing and ICREA can handle such complex cross border financing needs.

Financing Working Capital

Financial Restructuring

There are a multitude of reasons that may trigger the requirement for financial restructuring, for example, an organization is in financial trouble when it can't pay its obligation (monetary or business) or breaks covenants/agreements. In such distressed circumstances, the leaders of the organization need to secure their position and give stability to the organization. ICREA assists you with making an activity plan for pre and post financial restructuring along with emergency courses of action. We also give vital financial counsel to quick dynamic, surveying momentary liquidity prerequisites, and think about activities to rapidly safeguard morale.

Financial Restructuring

Capital Structure Restructuring/Rebalancing

Restructuring existing financing facilities is done with objective of reducing the finance costs and reducing the burden of liabilities. It calls for detailed analysis of the existing arrangement and to seek better avenues of funding with a consideration to reduce the interest rates.

Capital Structure Restructuring

Financial Feasibility and Modeling

Financial feasibility

A financial feasibility needs to be done to understand the financial requirements & obligations to be met before starting any new project which is essential to obtain funding for the project. This gives detailed insights into the cost that would be incurred to get the project started and the growth to be expected. Once the market feasibility is done,  various financial models are prepared as per a pre-agreed scope based on options like Built to Suit, JV, Debt, Equity, Ratios etc. along with various revenue and cost scenarios. The objective is to enable the client to identify the solution best suited to their needs in terms of financial structuring and various financial parameters suited to their needs. ICREA can undertake financial feasibility leveraging its team's seasoned domain and financial expertise.

Financial modeling

Financial modeling is the construction of spreadsheet models that illustrate a company's prospective financial results in quantitative terms. Financial models can simulate the effect of specific variables so that the company can plan a course of action should they occur. ICREA offers financial modelling services for large ticket transactions for clients to understand the trend & growth of the project. Operators can face various scenarios and possibilities with regards to costs, revenues and capital structures when they are at a stage of committing resources to a project. Some of these scenarios include expansion of a existing business by way of organic or inorganic growth or budgeting and planning. ICREA leveraging its deep operating expertise can create customised financial models enabling clients to look at various possibilities for quick and efficient decision making.

Financial Feasibility and Modeling

Unlock Invested Equity in Asset

A company can realize a percentage of its own business value by diluting the shareholding in the business. ICREA, after a careful study of business is in a ideal position to study recommend and implement measures to unlock invested equity to ensure most efficient use of equity capital and returns generated.

Unlock Invested Equity in A

Unlock Invested Equity in Business

ICREA helps you with a well executed, with a carefully chosen investor, minority investment, which may well be the right solution to unlock the full potential of your business over the long term.  As opposed to selling control, you would sell a minority position to an investor, who turns into a long term accomplice in the organization. Your new partner not only allows you to open a part of your value worth and liquidity, but additionally brings the same network of external support that a private equity fund brings.

Unlock Invested Equity in B

Joint Venture with Financial Investors

Forming and shaping joint investmenta is central to its success. Our process is aligned to your goals and the structure is tailored to the venture and the parties’ specific needs. We work with clients to anticipate potential areas of commercial conflict and develop practical, appropriate mechanisms to resolve disputes.

Joint ventures are all about the allocation of risk and responsibility. By working with you to identify potential risk and to understand the needs of the venture from capital to skilled management, our process ensures that the documentation reflects the underlying commercial agreement.

JV with financial investors

Investment Memorandum

An Investment Memorandum is usually prepared for a fund raising and is customised for the instrument of fund raising. This is a very comprehensive document best prepared by sector experts and specialists like ICREA.

Investor Memorandum

Business Valuation

A business valuation is generally conducted to determine the price the owners would be willing to receive to effect a sale of business or to estimate the economic value of a business. This is usually conducted for internal or external stakeholders for Mergers and Acquisitions, Equity fund raise, IPO etc. ICREA with its deep domain expertise and reach is ideally suited to do such valuations as well as to get buy in from external stakeholders.

Business Valuation

Due Diligence

Due diligence is usually undertaken for an equity fund raise or a  potential Mergers and Acquisition transaction. ICREA is ideally equipped to handle such transactions enabling well informed  decision making by the stakeholder.

Due diligence

Structured Financing

The Structured Finance team comprises of seasoned execution experts with business and private investment banking and accounting backgrounds. ICREA has broad information and involvement with credit evaluation, modelling, structuring, due diligence, and experience in a wide scope of structured finance products. ICREA also has the capacity to examine, value, and advise underlying collateral backing these transactions, such as corporate debt and consumer assets. 

Structured financing

Mezzanine Financing

Mezzanine capital is any subordinated debt or preferred equity instrument that represents a claim on a company’s assets which is senior only to that of the common shares. We help with mezzanine financing  in a coordinated financial product, whose spread is firmly connected to the market performance.

Mezzanine Financing
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