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Feasibility Study for a 50+ bed Hospital in Abu Dhabi

ICREA worked on a build-to-suit transaction of a hospital where in the Healthcare operator wanted to expand on an asset light model in Abu Dhabi. ICREA tied up with a consultant who assessed the feasibility of the project. This provided the Healthcare operator deep insights into the viability of the project and the approximations in terms of the expenses & revenues as well.

Feasibility Study for a 100 bed Hospital in Ghana

ICREA assisted a large Conglomerate in Ghana who wanted to diversify and enter the healthcare sector to set up a hospital with multiple specialties but did not know the sector very well. ICREA tied up with an international consultant to assess the feasibility of the 100 bed hospital capacity and the viability of the project. This gave the Conglomerate a lot of deep-sighted and essential information before kick starting the project.

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