5 Pillar Solutions
Our Five Pillar Solutions

A pillar is a solid structure where a building rests while holding heavy loads. They lend support and provide room to soar.

At ICREA, we segment the businesses into five such strong pillars.

  • These are infrastructure and investment-heavy businesses. Hence, the real estate asset pillar.

  •  We work with experts, and processes drive our business. Hence, the operating business pillar.

  • Pillar 3


     Optimum Finance/capital is the bloodstream of a successful business. Hence, the finance pillar

  • Pillar 4


     These are complex businesses requiring specialised expertise and services. Therefore, the collaborative services pillar.

  • Technology is changing the landscape of the sectors. Hence, the technological collaborations and alliances pillar.

At ICREA, we help you survive, sustain and grow your business through our solutions.


Our approach is diagnostic

We understand that every client, project, business, sector, and the country has distinctive requirements and offer different opportunities. Our five-pillar segmentation approach clubbed with a diagnostic methodology, ensures that we identify the gaps, challenges, and vision well.

We customise solutions

We work closely with you to understand and define guiding principles to craft tailor-made solutions and satisfy your unique needs. Our industry partners and function specialists lead the provision of a broad range of services and competencies. These solutions will help your organisation achieve your vision, optimise performance and productivity, overcome challenges, and deliver a value proposition.

Explore our solutions

  • Built to Suit Solutions (CAPEX Light)

  • Tying up land plots for our sectors

  • Long Term Leases

  • Asset based Joint Venture

  • Sale & Leaseback

  • Management Operator Tie-Ups

  • Transaction Advisory: Asset Buy Side 

  • Transaction Advisory: Asset Sell Side

  • Propco/OpCo Partnership

  • Asset Light Models

  • Lease ready buildings

  • Brown field projects

  • Land Monetisation Advisory

  • Develop income generating assets

  • Asset Valuation

  • Land Usage Study

  • Land Parcel Monetisation

  • Contracts Renegotiation

  • Acquisition & Divestments of Operating Business/ Real Estate Assets

  • Merger and Acquisition

  • Buying a Business

  • Selling a Business

  • Carve outs

  • Divestitures    

  • Organic and Inorganic Expansion

  • Strategic Joint Venture 

  • Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

  • Growth advisory

  • Inbound expansion

  • Outbound expansion

  • Strategic advisory 

  • Strategic consulting to promoters

  • Optimizing operational efficiencies

  • Turnaround management

  • Holistic structural review of existing business across all functions

  • Oversight supervision management

  • Corporate and technical tie ups

  • Marketing consulting

  • Hospital in Hospital

  • Containerized Hospitals

  • Cash flow and liquidity enhancement

  • Equity Capital Raising (including Private Equity)

  • Debt Capital Raising Advisory

  • Financing Working Capital

  • Financial Restructuring

  • Capital Structure Restructuring/ Rebalancing

  • Financial Feasibility and Modelling

  • Unlock invested equity in asset

  • Unlock invested equity in business

  • Joint Venture with Financial Investors

  • Investment Memorandum

  • Business valuation

  • Due Diligence

  • Structured financing

  • Mezzanine financing

  • Turnkey customized strategic advisory

  • Turnkey new sector entry advisory

  • Business Plan

  • Project development advisory

  • Market entry studies

  • Market feasibility studies

  • Scouting and appointing experts and consultants

  • Legal advisors in the project country

  • Advisors for government regulation & licensing services

  • Company formation & sponsorship consultants

  • Contracting Service Companies

  • Architects for structural design

  • Fit-out Designers

  • Jumbo life insurance

  • General insurance

  • Health insurance

  • Senior Talent Support

  • Strategic tie-ups to enhance student recruitment

  • Refurbishment of government hospitals

  • Market reach across geographies

  • Market reach across education and healthcare for firms looking to partner and enter

  • Advisory on capital structure, equity raising to grow market share

  • Strategic alliances with value-creating technology companies 

  • Collaborations with satellite on-ground partners 

  • Revenue growth through new services offered via tech collaboration

  • Cost reductions through optimization of value chain via technology

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