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Operating Business

ICREA offers diverse options to enhance your operating business. We build your business and close transactions. We bolster your position in the market through merger and acquisition services, equity advisory, strategic alliances, and joint ventures with investors — with compassion, industry-leading insights and decades long expertise.

Collaborative Solutions: Services

Merger and Acquisition

ICREA’s M&A services are focused in the following sectors:
- Education
- Healthcare
- E-commerce
- Hypermarkets

We cover domestic as well as cross border transactions by assessing the strategic fit, potential synergies, managing the all the transaction steps, assisting in negotiations & finance models and achieving successful closure. M&A transactions include mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, tender offers, purchase of assets, and management acquisitions. Mergers and acquisitions remain the most common path for companies pursuing inorganic growth, with lower investment and risk than the organic growth model.
There are  varied motivation drivers as to why companies go through M&A process such as:
- To grow market share
- To increase supply-chain pricing power
- To eliminate competition
Other reasons for M&A transactions include synergies, roll-up strategies, technology / skills, diversification, and sharpening overall business focus.

Every M&A deal is different, and the path to value creation is unique, the ICREA team has access to a depth of resources and width of capabilities to bring the unique combination of  experience, skills  and knowledge to what your deal requires. We are experienced in business intelligence, buy-side, sell-side, finance, human capital, risk management, valuation, industry, and many other areas of specialization. ICREA's network & relationships  with  the operators, banks and financing sources  gives us the unique capability to executing M&A deals along with financing of the  same.



Buying a Business

Selling a Business

Covering domestic and international  transactions, our Transaction Advisory Services professionals advise clients (strategic and financial buyers, sellers, and  buyers) through every stage of the transaction life cycle. Every deal presents unique opportunities, risks and challenges. When the stakes are high and timelines are tight, through our analytical insights and diverse professional backgrounds, we work to deliver value proposition centered around  optimizing return.  Our hands-on approach and unique service model delivers excellence in challenging timeframes by focusing on key issues and concerns, proactively identifying services and opportunities to create and drive value. ICREA’S wide network with operating companies, investing companies in focused countries when clubbed together with a nuclear focus approach on our focused sectors of education, healthcare,  hospitality, real estate, hypermarkets, ecommerce acts as a big multiplier in our capability to execute the transactions successfully and effectively.

Buying/Selling a business

Carve outs

Organizations often sell a specialty unit to pull together on their center business or to dispose of nonprofitable product offerings. A partition of this division from the organization as a whole ("carve out") is essential and can be an exceptionally perplexing task. With our insight into carve outs we help clients by offering support in the following domains: detailed blueprints, implementation, execution, shareholder purchase agreements, financial due diligence, and the implementation of transactional service agreements. 

Carve outs


There are a lot of complex difficulties when planning and executing divestitures and our customers come to us to deal with them. An organized and deliberately arranged divestiture can create critical capital, and permit you to: change your methodology or core interest; smooth out your tasks and save more opportunity for the board; and make a capital event for investors.


Organic and Inorganic Expansion

Expanding into new geographies can be challenging and understanding the demograhics & other geographic specific factors becomes important for a successful expansion. ICREA's vast reach can assist you in understanding the pulse of the new market that the operator is trying to plunge into.

Orgaic/Inorganic expansion

Strategic Joint Venture 

A strategic alliance is an agreement between independent organizations to share resources, knowledge, or other assets. Partners coordinate their actions to pursue mutually beneficial goals while maintaining their autonomy. Each company gains a new business opportunity, be it increasing efficiency, expanding into a new market, capturing more market share, or some other type of growth. A joint venture takes this arrangement a step further, with companies pooling resources to create a separate business entity. Joint ventures are stand-alone enterprises that often share resources with the parent enterprises, and they’re typically more involved and complex than strategic alliances.

Strategic JV

Strategic Alliances

Strategic alliances are agreements between two or more independent companies to cooperate the in services, or other business objectives for mutual benefits but still retaining its independence. There are three types of strategic alliances: Joint Venture, Equity Strategic Alliance, and Non-equity Strategic Alliance. Forming a strategic alliance is way to stay ahead, survive and sustain in the market. ICREA provides strategic alliances advisory services to companies in its focused sectors:
- Education
- Healthcare
- Hospitality
- Real estate
- Hypermarkets
- E-commerce sectors
Strategic alliances are formed to gain access to a restricted market, maintain market stability, to gain market share, and establish a franchise in a new market. They speed up the development of new goods or services, share R&D expenses, streamline market penetration, and overcome uncertainty.
ICREA has international reach in 40 plus countries, including Africa, Middle East, CIS, Indian subcontinent as well as developed countries with a large network of corporates in these sectors. ICREA's unique strength is its access to diverse geographical regions along with a constant focus on specified sectors, which creates opportunities to execute successful strategic alliances. We advise on strategic alliances by identifying a prospect from the industry which has the right service/product required by the Client, then by leading and advising the client during the entire life cycle of successful strategic alliance.

Strategic Alliances

Growth Advisory

We work with you to open the capability of your business, assisting you with zeroing in on the most profitable elements to improve execution, directing short and long reach development designs, and offering pragmatic help to actualize your thoughts. Utilizing our decades long experiences, we ensure to work with you to develop your organization for long term sustainability. Our experienced teams have been where you are. Having run organizations themselves, they realize how to open development and execution, and take care of the issues before they become a concern. 

Growth advisory

Inbound Expansion

Outbound Expansion

Our experts have heavy experience with creating ideal assessment structures for both inbound and outbound expansions. The organizing of inbound and outbound ventures begins with a comprehensive dive into the business development plans and goals, and afterward a cautious investigation of the pertinent rules and regulations for the nation of origin and destination. We address questions such as: Will the new company have losses in the early years? How would the repatriation of funds take place or would they be reinvested? Is there a long term vision to sell the new company? We also look at addressing questions related to transfer pricing, capitalization rules, and more. 

Inbound/outbound expansion

Strategic Advisory

ICREA has identified the current major challenge in the business world is to survive, sustain and grow and in this era of disruption, strategy is more important than ever. Our highly experienced senior advisors and partners have a deep knowledge and a specialized expertise of the sectors and functions . They take the time to understand your critical issues in order to serve as an objective advisor to develop the right strategy for you.  Our team has collectively has of over 350 years of extensive experience in developing survival strategy, sustaining strategy, corporate strategy, growth strategy, market entry strategy, inorganic growth strategy, post-acquisition strategy, and marketing strategy also high level capabilities to customize unique to your business. We offer these services in the education, healthcare, real estate, hypermarkets, ecommerce, and hospitality sectors.
Our senior advisors and partners have  worked for several clients across many  countries in the Middle Eastern, African, Indian, and other Asian regions, assisting them with strategy development in in the above mentioned sectors. They have led strategy development projects with multinationals, regional and global banks, audit firms, private equity funds, SMEs, regional family groups and investment groups.

We combine our in-depth knowledge of the region with the skills and expertise of our strategy professionals to deliver high quality strategic solutions to our Clients. Our deliverables are in the form of strategic plans that are ready to implement to deliver the desired results. It is important to have a third party view from the experts for your business for survival and long term sustainability.

Strategic advisory

Strategic consulting to promoters

We band together with visionary promoters to construct sustainable organizations. We provide a borad range of services that we adjust around your continually evolving needs. We assist you with detailing the thoughts and plan a perfect market fit while assisting you with reimagining how you get customers, make cash and scale up quickly. Our group of specialists will set you up for rasing capital and the world of venture capitalism. 

Strategic consulting to promoters

Improving Operational Efficiencies

Having a complete business review done and understanding the gaps & areas of improvement enables you to improve business efficiencies.

Turnaround management

At the point when organizations and their partners need their industry's most capable and most confided to direct financial or operational restructurings, negotiate stressed M&A exchanges or oversee liquidity or dissolvability emergencies, ICREA's experts take lead and execute required changes quickly. We apply our turnaround abilities, our rebuilding mastery and the most significant levels of industry and practical experience to lead through emergency, protect and promote morlae, improve assets and create choices for corporate recuperation. We are acquainted with overseeing through emergencies and settling on extreme choices in troublesome circumstances. 

improving operationa efficiencies
turnaround management

Holistic structural review of existing business across all functions

We holistically review the current nature of your business and provide an objective, 3rd party opinion on the current state of affairs. We also assist with financial rebuilding, and active cash management. We have experience working with organizations confronting key difficulties. We as often as possible work with organizations as they face difficulties with income or leaser pressure. We are likewise known for taking beneficial organizations to the next level. ICREA's philosophy is to coordinate the best minds to solve the most pressing concerns you currently face or will face in the near future. On the off chance that your business is confronting a daunting future, ICREA will overcome any issues you face to reach optimally. 

Holistic structural

Oversight supervision management

Coming soon


Corporate and technical tie-ups

Coming soon

Corporate and technical

Marketing Consulting

We help customers make crucial changes in marketing strategy. We aid in configuration suitable plans of action and guide advancement pathways for new opportunities by joining bits of knowledge from a digital vantage point with an incorporated client experience approach. We also help customers drive higher deals profitability and other execution gains through advanced advertising.

Marketing Consulting

Hospital in Hospital

A hospital in hospital structure proposes to carve out a specialty delivery and create an independent structure which will leverage existing base infrastructure of the hospital enabling optimum utilisation of the healthcare facilities resulting in scaling up of revenue by capturing patients and meeting demands. It has now become a very popular model.

This structure which is also known as Centre of Excellence is a dedicated centre for certain key specialities and super specialities and also attracts patients traveling from abroad and other hospitals in the vicinity, translating into effective utlisation of available space while providing key specialty in-house.

Hospital in Hospital

Containerized Hospitals

At ICREA, we have developed an innovative and efficient way to reach out to developing countries which are in need of healthcare facilities. We do this by building containerized hospitals/ modular hospitals which are made through re-fabricated shipping containers. The containers are modified and placed with all the interiors along with necessary facilities required by a hospital. This even provides all the necessary equipment’s for a hospital to operate. These shipping containers are modified and built to sustain the load for 40 to 50 years.


This unique and innovative model of containerized hospitals is ready to be shipped from its source in 2-3 months. The hospital can be functional in 6-9 months. The breakeven point in constructing this model of hospital is tend to be 3-4 times faster compared with conventional hospitals.

Containerised Hospitals
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