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ICREA’s specialist, experienced advisory team focusses on delivering value creation, creating & converting opportunities, growth, and overcoming challenges for E-commerce platform companies, hypermarkets, courier companies, large international logistic firms, and large multinational firms who need solutions to capture the growth and penetration through organic, inorganic growth in the growth corridors.

The growth drivers in the Industrial + Logistics sector are the existing low penetration level of the retail segment, the explosive growth of e-commerce retail, population growth, and growth of the middle-class segment. The challenges include investments and infrastructure constraints.


The gaps are wide and deep in ICREA's growth corridor countries of UAE, GCC, Middle East, Africa, and the Indian sub-continent. This gap and the imbalance of poor infrastructure in ICREA’s corridor of countries leads to the creation of opportunities for growth, investments, returns, partnerships, collaboration, alliances, and developments. It also provides an opportunity to make a positive social impact with self-sustainable modelled projects locally and internationally.

Our Approach

We follow a diagnostic, structured, and process-driven approach. We understand and define our client’s need, and provide research-based solutions for their problems. Our partners lead three levels of each process. We concentrate granularly on the education sectors. This approach guarantees that we delve deeper into the sector, making us niche providers of sharper and effective service with every passing day. Our creative, out of the box thinking helps us in our risk analysis strategy. We imbibe our core values and attitude of gratitude into every solution that we render.


In this sector, there are wide gaps across countries.

MENA’s transportation and logistics industry face various challenges. Currently, the transportation and logistics industry is highly fragmented.

In India, internet penetration on the rise due to an increase in mobiles and lower data charges. Digital payment wallets are making online shopping more accessible.

In the GCC, the use of big data, IoT, and Blockchain is on the rise. The need for middle men is going down in transport contracts.

The Western countries are leading in terms of usage of tech. A rethinking of business objectives and strategies is needed for emerging economies.

Products and Services

ICREA works with landowners like real estate developers, master developers, specialised logistics real estate developers, industrial parks, free trade zones, landlords, large local business houses. Additionally, ICREA works with investors like funds, private equity funds, asset management companies, banks & financial institutions across its corridor of growth countries in  UAE, GCC, Middle East, Africa, and the Indian sub-continent.

Our solutions address the operating business needs for organic, inorganic growth, low investment CAPEX light model, real estate asset, finance, consulting and collaborative needs. They covering a range of solutions from Opco PropCo to sale and leaseback, joint ventures, debt, equity, alliances and partnerships, M&A, and divestitures.

Our Relationship Base

We work with I+L investors and operators across geographies, and our technical expertise equips all stakeholders in the I+L sector. We have developed numerous relationships with operators, funds, investors, developers, local business houses, and banks, that has enhanced our market and sector knowledge and intelligence.
We work both on the investor and operator side, carrying out inbound and outbound projects and transactions.
Our team will help create an environment that integrates all your needs and achieve high-quality results.

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Execution competence in project country

Our strategic collaborations with different companies and service providers ensure that we cater to your customised requirements and execute projects successfully.

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Some of our clients
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