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The education business is an infrastructure-heavy business. The whole band of education sector ranges from Pre-K, K--12, higher education and further vocational, sector and industry speciality education. The providers are a mix of government-owned and privately-owned enterprises.


The education sector is fundamentally need-based, but over the years has evolved considerably. Along with the public sector, the private sector has also entered this sector. Education is also one of the sustainable development goals. 

This sector makes an enormous impact on society by doing right, customised projects with a major focus on the private sector in education, high quality and reasonable fee points based on the country.

Our Approach

We follow a diagnostic, structured, and process-driven approach. We understand and define our client’s need, and provide research-based solutions for their problems. Our partners lead three levels of each process. We concentrate granularly on the education sectors. This approach guarantees that we delve deeper into the sector, making us niche providers of sharper and effective service with every passing day. Our creative, out of the box thinking helps us in our risk analysis strategy. We imbibe our core values and attitude of gratitude into every solution that we render.


The education sector has it own dynamics, challenges, gaps and uniqueness, country by country. No two countries have the same gaps, demand drivers, challenges and opportunities. Different regions have different preferences for a curriculum.

Developed countries such as Europe, the US, Canada have different levels of penetration of education.

Singapore, Malaysia, and India have developed this sector tremendously in all aspects in the last 50 years.

The UAE, GCC, Middle East has its own dynamics, where UAE has highest private sector penetration with large education groups and the countries of the GCC /Middle East have a fragmented approach.

Africa has its own challenges, including the shortage of quality education, low accessibility and low financial resource availability.

Products and Services

We base our solutions on the five pillars of operating business, asset (real estate), finance (debt or equity), and consulting. We have a specialised team with sectorial expertise, strategic, financial (debt and equity), real estate and risk mitigation methodology with creative structuring abilities. Our team works with you closely to help you realise your vision and growth, inbound and outbound, diversification, and also assists you to overcome challenges you face.

Our comprehensive suite of services spreads across the life cycle and value chain of education sector investments and operations. At the inception stage, we assist PE funds, investment companies, and corporates looking to venture into the education sector with market and feasibility studies and start-up planning. During the operational phase, our services are aimed at helping education institutes in diagnostic review, strategic re-alignment and performance enhancement by bringing out the industry's best practices.

Our Relationship Base

We work with education investors and operators across geographies, and our technical expertise equips all stakeholders in the education sector. We have developed numerous relationships with operators, funds, investors, developers, local business houses, and banks, that has enhanced our market and sector knowledge and intelligence.
We work both on the investor and operator side, carrying out inbound and outbound projects and transactions.
Our team will help create an environment that integrates all your needs and achieve high-quality results.

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Execution competence in project country

Our strategic collaborations with different companies and service providers ensure that we cater to your customised requirements and execute projects successfully.

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Some of our clients
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