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ICREA offers value-added services to clients in its focused sectors through collaborations and associations with industry experts. These can be provided solely by ICREA, jointly by ICREA and its partner, or solely by a third-party service provider with whom ICREA has an agreement signed. 

Collaborative Solutions: Services

Turnkey customized strategic advisory

An enterprising methodology, a feeling of experience, a history of clients well served and a persevering quest for a superior way. At ICREA we adopt an alternate strategy to strategic advisory: putting the customers' requirements first. Additionally, we tailor our ways to provide value for money, offering discrete engagements just as completely coordinated arrangements, contingent upon the requirements of a firm and its people.

Turnkey customised strategic

Turnkey new sector entry advisory

ICREA aids organizations to enter new business sectors and assists with market entry techniques. Market examination, due diligence, and entry technique can set a firm apart for progress prior to entering an unfamiliar market. ICREA gives Market Entry Advisory Services to organizations that intend to develop, grow or move their business to new business sectors. These engagements with clients range from helping firms in market entry studies through to the help in more productive everyday procedure on the new business sectors.

Turnkey new sector

Business Plan

At ICREA, business plan advisory services help clients in synthesizing business ideas and adequately supporting the idea in their business' long term strategy. This activity involves industry and market examination including Demand and Supply Analysis and Competition Analysis. We also perform financial examinations, plan financial models and go to market hypotheses for the substance or proposed project. Specifically, we provide end to end advisory from the conceptualization till the operations of healthcare, educational, and hospitality facilities. 

Business Plan

Project development advisory

Our strategic project consulting and advisory services can be centered around crucial stages or parts of your ventures. They can also be more all encompassing, including helping and supporting you through the more extensive project advancement process. ICREA can also help you in a project life-cycle approach that additionally incorporates key perspectives, for example, change management. 

Project development

Market Entry Study

It is important that Market Entry Studies be conducted before the decision to enter a new geographical region or country is taken. These studies give the operator an understanding of the macros of the economy as well as basic data relating to the sector, players, demand-supply gap, regulatory framework and policies.

The objective of a market entry study is for the operator to make a preliminary decision whether that particular geographical region or country should be explored further on the basis of their goals, policies and parameters for expansion opportunities. The scope and objectives of such studies are pre-agreed between the client and ICREA. A market entry study is a highly specialized document covering various aspects of studying & entering a new geographical region in terms of its demography, culture, political scenario, infrastructure, etc.

Market entry study

Market Feasibility

This study is a detailed research prepared to find the do-ability of a particular project in the current market situation which includes market analysis, research, opportunities, threats and a detailed market study is crucial before entering any new market for business operations. This is the second stage usually conducted after a market entry study suggests that the geographical region or country should be explored further. This is a more detailed study with a pre-agreed scope and the objective is to narrow down the specific opportunity to be explored in depth which requires comprehensive research and financial modelling . For example, a detailed study may reveal that there is a prima facie business case for a 300 bed hospital in a particular location. ICREA already has presence and clients in most emerging markets so it is best suited for to prepare this study.

Market feasibility

Scouting and appointing experts, consultants, and employees

At ICREA, we offer high level scouting to our customers in the Middle East and beyond. From the Middle East to Indian Subcontinent and Africa, our intercontinental network gives us a more profound social presence which in recruitment is so significant. It also implies that we approach the best talent for our customers. Our essential advisory and risk mitigations also include:
Project examination, conceptualization, project methodology, project due diligence, and project structuring. With our collective experience in business for the past, we draw from a large network of professionals that offer contracting services, teachers for schools, architects to build your hospital, fit-out designers, internal audit services, order fulfillers, and administration for school related work.

Scouting and appointing

Legal advisors in the project country

Large corporations that have presence in many countries need legal consultants who can help with everyday activities and corporate dilemmas across numerous regions. ICREA has law specialists that use innovations to convey proficient and straightforward help for the legal needs of your organization.

Legal advisors in project country

Advisors for Regulatory, Licensing, and Accreditation services

Company formation & sponsorship consultants

Each business requires a permit or grant to work lawfully in any nation. To assist associations with having their permit to operate from the regional government, ICREA delivers government approved licensing across all areas. With our mastery and experience of business and law in our focused regions, we supervise the whole cycle of setting up our customers business from choosing selective office areas, putting together a field-tested strategy to overseeing documentation conventions. We help our customers in overseeing and keeping up their permit to operate to avoid any legal issues. 


We provide insurance services such as jumbo insurance and health insurances as well. 

Advisors for regulatory, licensig
company formation and sponsorship
insurance advisory

Refurbishment of government hospitals

Refurbishment projects often fail because of improper vision and ungrounded principles for refurbishment. We give the direction on sustainable technologies and uses required by building experts, proprietors, and directors of healthcare building. 

Refurbishment of government hospitals
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