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Our Focused Sectors

We have a nuclear focus on our sectors.

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ICREA is unlike thousands of sector-agnostic advisory firms across the globe. We are totally sector-focussed, and concentrate nuclearly only on the education, healthcare, industrial & logistics, hospitality and real estate sectors, underlying real estate in those sectors. This approach guarantees that we dive deeper into our sectors, making us niche providers of sharper and effective service.

Even though we have market penetration in more than 40 countries, ICREA does not get tempted to lose focus to other sector’s opportunities. Instead, it remains focussed and continue to develop and enhance expertise and offerings in our existing sphere, creating forward, backward and lateral integrations of services and solutions, including technologies.

We remain flexible within these sectors to ensure that our offerings are continually effective and efficient. Leaving no stone unturned, we aim to cover every possible granule and detail relating to these fields.

Sectors: Services
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We provide strategic advice on the education market whether for the PropCo (Real Estate) or OpCo (Business Operations).

Whether you are operating, leasing, purchasing, selling, investing or developing education real estate, our experienced professionals will work collaboratively with you. We will identify market opportunities, optimise real estate efficiency and implement cost-control measures that ensure the best possible outcome for your unique challenges.

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We seek to solve the biggest challenges that face public and private healthcare players in a manner that improves quality and accessibility of resources for those served. Improving healthcare outcomes for vulnerable sections of the society has been central to our mission. ICREA’s specialist team focuses on delivering value by creating and converting opportunities, realizing growth, generating returns, and also overcoming challenges for healthcare operators, investors, landowners. In the past, we have served clients by bringing diverse and vast experience to every healthcare engagement.


ICREA’s specialized and experienced advisory team focuses on delivering value by creating & converting opportunities, realizing growth, generating returns, for Healthcare Operators, Investors, landowners, real estate developers in biopharmaceuticals and service providers. ICREA offers local, regional, national, international network & expertise in effectively executing in its corridor of 30+ plus countries in UAE, GCC, Middle East, Africa, and Indian sub-continent. ICREA tailors its solutions at greenfield stage, brownfield stage or operational businesses.


We approach healthcare business with our five-pillar approach namely Real Estate Asset, Operating Business, Finance, Technology & Consulting. Our work has included projects for growth as well as survival, overcoming challenges or realizing client’s vision, unlocking new opportunities in the sector inbound and outbound.

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At ICREA, we look at real estate differently. Our goal is the mitigation of risk and optimization of returns for all stakeholders. We focus on the real estate component of education, healthcare, hospitality & industrial logistics, and real estate as an infrastructure heavy business. All of our focused sectors are infrastructure heavy and location sensitive. Finding the right partner for your educational institution, the right district for your hospital, the most accessible warehouse to optimize your logistics, or a scenic tourist hotspot can make or break a business venture. Understanding this critical aspect is what has let our clients thrive.


Our partners are thought-leaders in real estate and have synthesized win-win models to address the concerns of real estate developers, master developers, landowners, large business houses and investors. Our key fundamental is the elimination of the speculative part of risk in real estate. Instead, we additionally focus on creating communities by bringing in appropriate K-12 schools and clinics/hospitals to help develop communities through . We are driven by an underlying thirst to deliver high quality properties and low cost of capital to our clients while also providing the optimal exit for clients looking to unlock equity. 


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We aim to empower our clients with the knowledge assets they require to unlock the highest capabilities of their organizations. We provide localized solutions for the underlying real estate that is a critical fixed aspect of the cost structure of clients. The rapid changing nature of the industrial and logistics sector demands a strategic advisory with market intelligence and knowledge, and a deep network to structure solutions. We work closely with developers, landowners, and funds who wish to enter the sector through carefully curated and structured deals, resulting in a win-win-win scenario.


At ICREA, we also offer a wide range of solutions for e-commerce platform companies, hypermarkets, courier companies, large international logistics firms, large multinational firms as they need to capture the growth and penetration through. We ease out the industry disruption as an opportunity for the future and turn insights into business breakthroughs, accelerating the growth and realization of the vision of our clients.

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Sustainability is an approach to creating long-term value. The change in the sustainability industry is rapid and continuous. The principles of sustainability are the foundations of what this concept represents. Therefore, sustainability is made up of three pillars: the economy, society, and the environment. With this growing demand and recognition of an environmentally friendly world, we at ICREA would like to play a part in this global change.


The sustainability sector has its dynamics, challenges, and uniqueness, country by country. The change to a more sustainable world is growing but also poses many challenges. In today’s world, because of environmental and social problems, sustainability has been increasingly used in a specific way. ICREA’s experienced advisory has fostered collaborations with world-class private equity business houses that are interested in sustainable living. We have helped source investments with mutually beneficial terms, and free asset-locked equity. Our expertise also includes the buy-side through the survey of ideal targets that fit complex investment standards thereby maximizing ROI.

ICREA’s specialized and experienced advisory team focuses on delivering value by creating & converting opportunities, realizing growth, and generating returns, for sustainability operators and investors. ICREA offers local, regional, national, and international network & expertise in effectively executing in its corridor of 30+ plus countries in UAE, GCC, Middle East, Africa, and Indian sub-continent.

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