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ICREA Technologies aims to create long-term value by supporting groundbreaking technology ideas across the Education, Healthcare, Industrial and Logistics, Hypermarkets, E-commerce companies, MNCs, Real Estate, and Sustainability sectors. We work with pioneering technology firms to facilitate market access, GTM, and Fund Raising across all rounds through an established network of representatives and provide business insights from our expert team of professionals across Asia, GCC, CIS countries, and the African continent. We work with clients to help them transform how they use their technology; through improved business processes, reducing costs, and more with our customized solutions.

Our mission is to uplift organizations across world with groundbreaking technologies through strategic and impactful digital collaborations.


Sectors and Geographies of Operations

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Start up Advisor Services

Start-up Advisory Services

We provide the most comprehensive consultancy for tech startups. We will work passionately to realize your goals along with our team of business and financial experts. We will provide you with well-researched advice and direction on how to commercialize your idea as we believe in fostering innovation and rapid business expansion.

We help you to develop your business right from:

  • Preparation of pitch deck

  • Documentation

  • Growth strategy

  • Go to market strategy

We work as a partner to raise growth capital at all stages:


  • Pre Seed Funding

  • Seed Funding

  • Series A,B, C+ funding

We help you achieve growth through partnerships.


We achieve inorganic growth regionally & internationally through collaborations, alliances & partnerships with:


•Tech firms

•Strategic Partners

We work with you to enhance your valuation & pitch.


Valuations are crucial to the fundraising process. Qualified experts, expertise, & experience are vital.


Pitch Enhancement includes:

•Company positioning

•Investment memorandum

•Pitch Deck

Raisin Cap

Raising Capital

We work as a partner to raise capital for all rounds.


At ICREA, we help you to connect with hundreds of VCs and investors. We not only help the founders refine their pitch, plug the gaps, and understand your business valuations, but we create a massive platform for you to pitch directly to the VCs/ Investors actively looking for deals in the technology space.


Pre-Seed Funding

We provide knowledge, contacts, and operational help to founders in the early stages of their firm. We collaborate with prominent investors and venture capitalists with whom you can set early-stage milestones to bridge the gap in financial inclusion. 

In this very early stage of the startup, we help founders 

·Brand Capital & Incubation programs for early stage start-ups

·Enable corporate and startup engagement 

·Achieve the milestones to raise a seed round of funding 


Seed Funding 

As your first round of funding, we understand it is hard to prove the value of your business to investors. Seed fundraising is challenging and typically requires a lot of time and investment. We are here to help you with this process and make it as smooth as possible to ensure sustainable economic growth in emerging markets by enabling firms to access liquidity. 


Series A, B, and C Funding

The challenge does not end here now that you have previously raised funds. It is extremely hard to connect with investors who can provide large amounts of funding. We would be glad to open markets for you by showcasing your technology capabilities to our 1000+ investor relationships across emerging markets. We work as a partner to raise capital for all rounds.


GTM: Partnerships, Collaborations & Alliances

As change accelerates in the business world and technology dominates, organizations need a clear strategy and professional execution to generate the capabilities they require to seize new opportunities. We help you achieve inorganic growth regionally and internationally with innovative business models and go-to-market strategy by structuring transactions to allow businesses to re-position and grow.


Partnerships, Collaborations, and Strategic alliances are on the rise, especially in the technology sector, where companies constantly look to boost their innovative process. We help companies get the most from such collaborations, and we help you with strategic tie-ups for the growth of your tech company and to create awareness and networking opportunities for the ecosystem.

Valution & Pit

Valuation & Pitch

We work with you to enhance your valuation & pitch. Valuations are crucial to the fundraising process. Qualified experts, expertise, & experience are vital. We assist our clients in meeting regulatory reporting obligations, making informed investment decisions, maximizing value, and managing risk. Our team of mentors will guide you to achieve your business dreams faster than you planned & our qualified accountants will help you manage the data and financials.

ICREA's Tech Mentor for Startups

ICREA has partnered with 'the GAIN', an accelerator based in Bangalore, to mobilize digital firms with capabilities to make a positive strategic impact on organizations in the aspects that are dearest to them.

Read more about the GAIN Start-up Acceleration Program.

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Mr. Varadarajan Krishna

Varadarajan Krishna (Varad) is an Executive turned Serial Techpreneur and Angel Investor with a track record in a career spanning over 25 years and has been through 5 exits including two IPOs. He has been part of a start-up community that has developed products and IP ranging from Embedded Software, BPM, Telecom and

Varad is currently engaged in building open innovation communities worldwide through Induct. He co-founded 100 Open Start-Ups Global Movement - the world’s largest, structured and most efficient open innovation program. He is involved in various startup initiatives in India and worldwide as a mentor and Jury as a way to give back to the global entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Varad holds a bachelor's degree in Electronics & Communications Eng. and a post-graduate degree in Systems Management.

Further, he has completed with distinction the following programs
1. Technology Entrepreneurship and Startup Boards and the Advanced Entrepreneurship Program of Venture labs, Stanford University.
2. He also completed the Leading Innovation-India Program at the Harvard University

Founders choose ICREA to raise funding for 3 major reasons:


One of the most active Global Start-Up Accelerator- The GAIN, based in Bangalore, India is our global partner offering the best in the world mentoring and making tech startups investment ready.


We are confident we will be able to guide your firm to be investor ready, raise capital and expand regionally as well as internationally. 


Want growth? ICREA will provide you with a massive customer reach across 50+ countries and 1500+ operator relationships. 

What makes us different?


We are uniquely centered on the growth and development of our clients at all costs. We are bold and ambitious in our strategy while delivering a perfect effort from start to finish.


We attach paramount importance to the ethics of our work, and to the conducive environment that we develop. As a result, we foster and advance a robust harmony among our members.

With ever evolving markets changing at breakneck pace, the landscape presents new challenges. Our expert understanding of each player in the value chains of healthcare, education, and public sectors can help you stay agile and ready to tackle the next obstacle that you face through our precisionism and customization.


Does your company need our services? Contact us today.

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