ICREA Technologies
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What we do

We partner with our clients to mobilize digital firms with capabilities to make a strategic positive impact on their organizations in the aspects that are dearest to them. We embed not just extraordinary solutions into the core processes of our clients’ work, but also help them reimagine their capabilities. We have outstanding people across 50 countries that combine deep knowledge and proprietary insights to churn ambitions into fruition.


If you want to unlock your true potential or further your merits among your stakeholders, ICREA Technologies is with you every step of the way. We are comfortable in the ambiguous and succeed in the challenge. We are here to provide you powerful and data-driven collaborations that will propel your mission to the next level.


Our mission is to uplift organizations across world with groundbreaking technologies through strategic and impactful digital collaborations.

What makes us different?


We are uniquely centered on the growth and development of our clients at all costs. We are bold and ambitious in our strategy while delivering a perfect effort from start to finish.


We attach paramount importance to the ethics of our work, and to the conducive environment that we develop. As a result, we foster and advance a robust harmony among our members.


Focussed Sector Technologies

ICREA Technologies leverages its deep network of healthcare providers, world class educational operators, and governmental bodies (from local municipalities to heads of government) across five regions in two continents, to grow businesses internationally and exponentially. Our MedTech and EdTech practices have served publicly listed clients and have infused top line growth while generating operational efficiencies. We connect pioneering technologies and companies, with markets where there is a chronic shortage of technological capabilities using a creative and collaborative win-win model. Our intention is to serve the population within ICREA’s network, and improve the lives across the world, by helping solve the most incessant issues through technological solutions.


We focus our efforts on K-12 and higher education to bring superior results to our clients and their stakeholders at their institutions. Virtual learning, digital agility in online collaborations, and analytics-driven insights vary across the world. Our EdTech practitioners seek to correct these discrepancies in quality through powerful digital collaborations with the most ingenious firms on the planet.

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We propel digital transformations and develop businesses by globally scouting the medical technologies needed to help our clients flourish in the digital age. Through artificial intelligence and advanced analytics, we address technological overhauls to uncover efficiencies and fuel digital acceptance.


Our MedTech practice aims to address the needs of the hour in the public and private healthcare spaces. We seek to strengthen public and private healthcare delivery systems to underdeveloped areas across the planet to improve access and quality. By transforming supply chains and remobilizing global resources, we curb cost discrepancies, strengthen revenue streams, and develop market size.

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With ever evolving markets changing at breakneck pace, the landscape presents new challenges. Our expert understanding of each player in the value chains of healthcare, education, and public sectors can help you stay agile and ready to tackle the next obstacle that you face through our precisionism and customization.


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