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Why is ICREA capable?

The ICREA Multiplier is the reason why we have been successfully closing and executing projects and transactions locally, regionally, and internationally in the geographical corridor of GCC, India-Sub Continent, East, West, and Central African countries.

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We have a reach in 40+ countries to execute transactions in our focussed sectors. Our successfully executing transactions in our corridor of GCC, Indian subcontinent, East, West, and Central African countries. Further, we bring operating companies, funds, DFIs, technology companies, and the expertise from Europe, UK, US, India, Germany, Europe, and Canada. We help investors and operators meet their most pressing challenges, and achieve their vision and growth by bridging the gaps in our sectors.

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With years of experience, our team has the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level. At ICREA, we combine an in house collective experience of 300+ years. Our advisory board, senior advisors, and partners have a sectoral and functional experience, having worked with top firms of global repute across different sectors and functions ranging from investments and real estate to finance equity, brokerage, audit, and risk. These include Zodiac, Deloitte, KPMG, PWC, Shapoorji Pallonji, Standard Chartered Bank, Fortis Health Care, and Reliance Industries.

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At ICREA, we value relationships, and consider them an indispensable asset. ICREA's business is based on relationships.  Our vast networks and relationships across countries, sectors and the  finance domain across puts us in an advantageous position to customise solutions for you. We put your business at the forefront, and expand your sphere of influence.

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We have invested heavily on travel in last 15 years and built competence through extensive travel which our partners have undertaken. We continue to travel across the Middle East, East Africa, West Africa, Southern African countries, Indian subcontinent, North America, Europe, and East Asia.

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ICREA is partner-led, with a hands-on approach since partners have experience in education, real estate, finance, banking, investments, risk, health care, and hospitality. In the last twelve years, our partners have travelled more than 350 times internationally to 50+ countries, developing a broad network of relationships and geographical penetration in both emerging and developed nations. This powerful combination powers our capabilities.

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ICREA is unlike thousands of sector-agnostic advisory firms across the globe. We are totally sector-focussed, and concentrate nuclearly only on the education, healthcare, industrial & logistics, hospitality and real estate sectors, and underlying real estate in those sectors. This approach guarantees that we dive deeper into our sectors, making us niche providers of sharper and effective service.


At ICREA, we believe the right process will generate right results. We follow a coherent, process-driven, diagnostic  and structured approach. We see a process as a series of steps that are repeated to achieve a goal. We understand that the right process leads to efficient and effective results.

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At ICREA, we have developed the ability to deal with different countries and cultures, based on our constant travels and interactions with various stakeholders of the business. We master doing business across culture.

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