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Our Core Values

At ICREA, we give careful consideration to personal and professional values and do our utmost to maintain and preserve them.

Our Values: Features
Intellectual Integrity and Ethics

At ICREA, we value integrity.

We pledge to produce work that is our own, based on our personal study and/or research. We willfully acknowledge and make known all material and ideas shared with us on any type of document, electronic or personal communication that aid our deliverables.
We continually work to uphold the value of integrity and consciously encourage our team members to do the same. We promote best practices that are fit for ICREA while maintaining ethical business practices upon which it was founded.

All our team members have signed an honour pledge code to do our work with integrity.

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At ICREA, we stand for



Our philosophy is one of transparency. This leads to others’ transformation, and thereby, builds blocks of a positive reputation and a strong relationship.

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