Fund Raising Solutions:

Joint Venture with a Strategic Growth Partner:

A strategic alliance is an agreement between independent organizations to share resources, knowledge, or other assets. Partners coordinate their actions to pursue mutually beneficial goals while maintaining their autonomy. Each company gains a new business opportunity, be it increasing efficiency, expanding into a new market, capturing more market share, or some other type of growth. A joint venture takes this arrangement a step further, with companies pooling resources to create a separate business entity. JVs are stand-alone enterprises that often share resources with parents, and they’re typically more involved and complex than strategic alliances.

Mergers and acquisitions remain the most common path for companies pursuing inorganic growth. But alliances and JVs provide a way for a company to supplement internal assets and capabilities with access to needed resources, such as distribution channels, capital equipment, and intellectual property, with less investment and risk than the typical M&A. In addition, alliances and JVs can often be executed more quickly than M&A.

Joint Venture with a Financial Partner:

Major real estate investment and development is frequently delivered through joint endeavors and private equity investment. Forming and shaping such joint investment is central to its success. Our process will align to your goals and work with you to tailor the structure to the venture and the parties’ specific needs. Whether matching capital to skills, ownership to management or sharing risk between participants, our lawyers will apply their industry knowledge to help you select the appropriate vehicle and structure. We work with you to anticipate potential areas of commercial conflict and develop practical, appropriate mechanisms to resolve disputes.

Joint ventures are all about the allocation of risk and responsibility. By working with you to identify potential risk and to understand the needs of the venture from capital to skilled management, our process ensure that the documentation reflects the underlying commercial agreement. Our clients have access to true real estate joint venture expertise.

As an integrated global practice we have team members that focus solely on real estate joint ventures every day. Few if any competitors can offer you the level of expertise that we provide through global staffing. We are working on transactions equity investors investing in and with development partners.

Raising Equity:

Every company new, small or a corporation need to raise capital to meet their expense. Most businesses raise capital through bank loans, credit cards, taking loans from angel investor or borrowing money. There are companies which try to raise capital via equity. Research is an important aspect before raising capital via equity. Companies raise capital via equity when they are not willing to raise capital through loans and not ready for IPO also. Therefore, such companies prefer to raise capital via equity through deals. Such equity deals help the company to have an access to business experts through investors. The company is not directly involved with business experts. The investors finance the business and help the company to grow.

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